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The Old... The New... The Future!

Known as the carpet connoisseurs, Doris Leslie Blau has gracefully placed itself on the map as the go-to resource for antique and vintage rugs since 1965. “Carpets were never just carpets. They are these breathtaking pieces of art that tell a story” - says current owner, Nader Bolour who has been in the industry since he was 12 years old. This e-book showcases our ability to capture the essence of the past through our collection of antique and vintage rugs, the aesthetic of the present day through our collection of new carpets, and as for the future… we’ll let your creativity and mind be the force that drives future designs through our custom carpet department.

Enjoy the book!

BB4305 Sultanabad Rug, 14'7” × 10'10”

N1030 Ondulation Rug, 22'10” × 14'

N10481S Gilmour Tufted Rug Design